In recent years the Inouïtoosh scarf has become an indispensable accessory, full of audacity and elegance. Made from materials of an infinite softness, their fabrics’ prints work incorporate a sense of detail at once seductive and energetic. Season after season, Inouïtoosh has widened the playing field, creating new collections in accessories, home décor, and now, ready to wear fashion. Each collection from Inouïtoosh tells a modern tale with refinement and imagination.


Two creatives are behind this young brand and have a unique approach to their work.

Both have in mind a model of life far from the busy streets of Paris. They followed their instincts, leaving the big city and installing themselves in the coastal town of St. Valery-sur-Somme in order to realize their project without concessions.

Their office desk faces the bay, whose blue hue reflects their attachment to natural aesthetics.


We plunge into the collection as if curating an exhibition; prints are placed intentionally, because each scarf tells a tale in the manner of a painting.

Each season, we create a pantheon of icons–Madonna, Tiger, and bison–all coexisting in an undulating, dreamlike universe. They meet at the intersection of storytelling and poetry.




Each scarf carries in it a symbol, a subtle reference or manifesto, realized through high-quality materials and a traditional weaving process. The models are underwritten with a very specific creative philosophy. Each piece is a work of art, crafted by an attentive creative team. On average, one week of design goes into each scarf as well as a long trek through India, in order to seek out the rarest weaving, printing, embroidery and finishingtechniques.

Even in the technique, Inouïtoosh cultivates irregularity: Prints are created through silk-screening, the finishes on fringes have a worn effect and the final products have the feel of a custom-made tie-dye. Therefore, in the fabrication process, it’s also a question of natural imprecisions, however, nothing is left to chance. This is the result of a beautiful synergy between designers, suppliers, and a collaborative creative team.